Ready, set, GO! Are you all set for your next trip?

Ready, set, GO! Are you all set for your next trip?

You arrive at your favourite destination, open your suitcase and notice that you have forgotten that one crucial thing! You've certainly experienced it before. Good news! We at Holiday Suites provide pure relaxation and banish all negative feelings. Especially for this reason, below you will find a comprehensive checklist of what you should definitely not forget on your next trip. 

Bathroom rules

The most forgotten items definitely fall under the category of 'care'. Therefore, we start with a full list of products you might need during your trip. Let's moisturize the bad vibes. 

The essentials 

Even though we don't like to think about paperwork or other administration during our holidays, there are some important documents you should always have to hand in case of an emergency. One advantage: at Holiday Suites you do not have to worry about paperwork to check in. Thanks to our electronic check-in, the list of important documents is already a lot shorter. 

Tip: Check the expiry date of each document!

I don't do fashion, I am fashion!

The necessary and appropriate clothing during your trip is obviously crucial. Unless you plan to buy a completely new wardrobe while on holiday, which of course we're totally fine with. Dressed from head to toe? Check!

I phone, you tube! 

Are you always on call for work or like to play a game on the couch after a busy day of holidays? Then it's best to bring the necessary technology to the suite. Smartphones, tablets or laptops, you name it! Check in with us below? 

With the kids 

Are the kids coming on holiday too? Then there are lots of things that need to be provided for them too. We'll give you a hand. 

For your information: We at Holiday Suites always have a baby kit available. For a small supplement you can use a baby bed with mattress (you will need to bring your own cover, blanket and sheet), a baby bath and a baby chair. 

We almost packed the whole house

After going through the top checklists, you should have pretty much everything. However, we would like to give you a few extras that may come in handy. 

*Did you not book sheets and/or towels? Then you have two options. 

Take them with you in your already overflowing suitcase.
Contact one of our 'Customer Heroes' to have them added during your stay. 

There you go! Have you gone all the way through the list and are you sure everything is ready to go? Then you're good to go! When will we see you in one of our suites? We look forward to welcoming you. 

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