28. Juni 2024 - Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke 2024

In Parknähe

Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke

Explore this summer the Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke, where not just one, but many extraordinary worlds come to life. This year, we take you on an imaginary world tour where you determine the route. From Egyptian sphinxes to wild animals in Africa, from the Taj Mahal to Japanese temples and Easter Island. Or would you rather opt for a flight over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, passing through New York City and London back to Middelkerke? An international journey guaranteed!

But there's more than just traveling! This year, the Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke offers more than just sand sculptures. Together with the Proefkonijnen, we present an exciting interactive show for young and old alike. And for those who want to try their hand at making a sand sculpture themselves, there are plenty of workshops with our sand expert.

Sand Sculpture Festival